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There's a lot going on on the disused railway line between Neckenmarkt and Oberpullendorf in Central Burgenland in the warmer months. Nowhere else can you explore the home of the Blaufränkisch as well as on the railway. Like a bicycle, these handcars are powered by pedals.

You cycle through the romantic landscape of sun-drenched Central Burgenland, past vineyards, sunflower fields, shady forests and romantic villages.
Approx. 40 km from Hotel Tornácos

The season starts in April and you can experience the Sonnenland Mittelburgenland on the approximately 23 km long route until October. The route includes seemingly endless rapeseed fields in full bloom, vineyards as far as the eye can see and romantic forests that ensure slightly cooler temperatures even in summer.

Breaks are welcome, and you can also fortify yourself along the route in Lackenbach or Stoob. Should you desire more action, you can let off steam in the playgrounds or explore the area during a short break. The tour can be taken by four paws, too, as well as by the little ones, who will certainly be taken care of. All you need to bring with you is fun, a sense of adventure and the motivation to pedal. The relatively flat route also allows children to pedal without too much effort.

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