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Lászlómajor, the former economic center of the Esterházy family, is located in the Fertő-Hanság National Park, next to the village of Sarród. Since the summer of 2012, the farm, which was founded around 150 years ago, has been welcoming tourists, groups of adults and children with new functions and surroundings.

Besides the interactive exhibitions presenting the wildlife and old crafts, the farm also houses a herb garden and typical Hungarian domestic animals. The gift shop of the national park is also located here. In the back area, the row of pens showing old Hungarian domestic animal breeds was established. Visitors can get take a closer look at more or less well-known livestock that lived in the courtyards of the peasant farms of earlier eras, such as Hungarian gray cattle, domestic buffalo, Racka sheep, Cikta sheep, Mangalica and some exapmples of Hungarian poultry breeds. The grassy field between the main buildings allows enough space for the little ones to unwind on the playground with drinking fountain and benches, while adults can test their skills on the 'experience trail' consisting of interactive games on nature.

Lászlómajor is about 7 km from Hotel Tornácos.

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