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Diana Tislér is a nature conservation engineer and excursion leader at Lake Fertő, in Hanság, in the Leitha Mountains and also in the Bakony-region. According to Dia: "I see myself as a kind of an interpreter. I translate the results of scientific work into the language of everyday people. I love my job because nature is always different! Nature constantly teaches me! I am grateful every day that I can pursue the profession I love."

Dia welcomes Visitors on foot, by bike or on horse-carriage rides reflecting a special rural atmosphere.

To quote Dia's words: "My family roots are important to me, and I still believe that I would not be a staunch supporter of nature if I had not been raised to be sensitive to it. My slogan is: Nature knows no boundaries! Artificial boundaries do not matter: nature transcends them with ease. But it also means that there is no season for programes in nature or that it will always find its way despite the landscape-altering activities of humans! But I would like to show you how to do it correctly presenting some good examples! Each program is a new opportunity for me as well to discover: nature (really) knows no boundaries!"

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